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Leadership Development and Training

Organizations that invest in the professional development of their current and future leaders recognize and seek to harness the power of human potential to drive their mission success. Through our leadership development programs, individual and group coaching services, and traditional training, JRC supports agencies in preparing leaders for the challenging environments in which they are required to navigate.

JRC’s comprehensive leadership development and training services support our clients with a range of professional development offerings:

Leadership Development and Training

Facilitates leadership development and employee training using a variety of learning methods including self-paced and experiential activities, and traditional training classes. Collaborates with our clients to design and deliver both customized leadership development programs as well as commercially available leadership and management training solutions.

Supports teams, working together toward a common goal or objective, to maximize their productivity and impact by building trust, understanding work styles, and appreciating different personality preferences. Leads reorganized teams or those with new leadership through structured sessions and workshops to accomplish defined objectives through carefully crafted activities.

A variety of tools and certified behavioral assessment instruments provide insights into individuals, teams, and organizations that can be leveraged for performance improvement initiatives. Identification of strengths and weaknesses are often used in individual, or team coaching conversations and 360 Assessment feedback is invaluable to leadership development programs. Our team is certified to administer a variety of assessments including but not limited to: Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), DiSC Personality Assessment, Leadership Practices Inventory and LPI 360 Assessments, Hogan, StrengthsFinders, and the Emotional Intelligence (EQi 2.0) Model.

Using powerful questions and other techniques, our certified coaches work with executives transitioning to new roles, facing organizational challenges, or simply seeking to work toward their best self. Incorporating a variety of behavioral assessments and 360 Degree Assessment feedback, coaching empowers executives with a deeper self-awareness to meet their personal and professional goals.

With a focus on every detail, our highly trained event planners ensure that JRC-managed events and training programs are flawlessly executed. Employing proven project management and program logistics leading practices, we strive to exceed participant and client expectations in every program aspect.

"[JRC employees] have been a breath of fresh air to our career path efforts. It's an important endeavor for us with a great amount of visibility at the Agency level and [they] not only established a methodology that has been embraced at the highest levels of leadership, but also managed to rally support from key stakeholders across the Directorate who are often less enthusiastic about human capital related tasks. [They have] quickly become an invaluable member of our team and we are grateful to have [their] assistance."