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How to Join Us

JRC recruits high caliber professionals with proven records of success. Experienced professionals, military veterans, and recent college grads bring their enthusiasm and new ideas to the company and the government clients they are working for on a daily basis. Our employees come from diverse backgrounds with knowledge and expertise all valuable to our business.

JRC recognizes the importance of a healthy balance between work and life outside of work. We plan events several times a year for our staff–and their families–to unite our employees who work independently of one another but are all part of the JRC team.

As a small business, JRC’s leadership is in tune with its employees. Staff opinions are valued. We promote self-growth through continuing education and unique benefit plans. JRC employees consistently refer candidates for new hires. If you want to learn more or to submit a resume, please email us at

The mutual trust–built between JRC staff and leadership–helps our business grow from within.

"JRC personnel were professional, self-motivated and detail-oriented. They were multifaceted, and they were able to accomplish any requirement and produce sterling results.”