Our Services

At JRC, we believe in an integrated Talent Management Approach—one that is based on the business’ overarching mission and strategic goals. It is a proactive, strategic and holistic approach to managing talent that is essential for recruiting, developing and retaining people who are critical to long-term success.

JRC provides a wide range of talent management solutions for our clients including:

  • Strategic Workforce Planning

    Aligns talent needs with business strategy. Assesses current state, forecasts talent gaps, and identifies the necessary steps to close those gaps.

  • Competency Models and Career Plans

    Provides a clear and consistent structure to communicate expectations and development opportunities at various skill levels across an organization. Maximizes the contribution of every employee.

  • Performance Management Framework

    Establishes performance goals and expectations at the outset, assesses performance against goals, and identifies areas for development.

  • Succession Planning

    Ensures knowledge transfer across multigenerational workforce and minimizes disruption associated with sudden departures.