Our Services

Effective organizational design occurs when a business’ overarching mission and its underlying operational structure are aligned toward the same goals. At JRC, we believe key organizational design principles create a scalable framework promoting financial success and market longevity, regardless of your organization’s size or level of maturity.

Our holistic approach provides clients with a framework for success through the following services: 

  • Strategic Planning

    What are the vision, mission, and key business objectives for your organization? Where are you headed in the next one, five, and ten-year intervals? How does your business strategy, and related priorities and investments, support these goals?

  • Corporate Values and Culture

    What are the core values that serve as the backbone of your corporate culture? How is behavior and decision-making influenced by culture and values?

  • Governance

    What level of control is right in your business? How should it vary based on function and evolve over time?

  • Resource Management

    Are responsibility areas and task allocation in alignment with the unique skills, capabilities, and experiences of your employees? Do employee levels, growth opportunities, and incentive plans support your overarching business goals?

  • Functional Structure

    How should your business functions be organized to operate effectively and how should this evolve over time based on changes to business strategy, leadership priorities, or operating model?