Our Services

At JRC, our approach to strategic communications planning is not one-size-fits-all. We build customized plans and tools to accomplish your unique objectives. Through the services outlined below, JRC builds effective strategic communications that inform and advance our client’s agenda.

Defining and articulating your value proposition to stakeholders is key to every organization’s success: 

  • Stakeholder Analysis and Segmentation

    Enables an organization to truly understand the value proposition for critical customers, suppliers, key influencers as they pertain to the mission, products or services offered by the entity.

  • Messaging Platforms

    Identifies and leverages the most effective channels for communicating key information based on the unique characteristics, usage patterns, and preferences of key stakeholders.

  • Change Management

    Facilitates the success of new organizational initiatives by leveraging proven methods for expediting the awareness, adoption, and acceptance time frame of the effected stakeholders.

  • Employee Communications

    Cultivates employee engagement, promotes trust, collaboration, and transparency, and sparks innovation across the organization.

  • Marketing and Outreach

    Provides important information to key stakeholders that resonates uniquely with them and effectively advance your strategic goals such as increasing awareness of your products or services, expediting adoption rates, or improving stakeholder understanding.

  • Media Content Distribution

    Federal agencies require sophisticated external communications platforms in order to engage with the public, educate key stakeholders, and report on mission-related achievements to secure support or buy-in from their constituent base.  JRC’s Professional Services Schedule (PSS Contract #GS-00F-135CA) includes Special Item Numbers (SINs) that support Federal clients with their Advertising and Integrated Marketing  (AIMs) requirements.  In partnership with PR Newswire, JRC delivers the industry’s strongest online syndication network that will maximize the reach of your Agency’s message.

    When distributing press releases and communications content through the PR Newswire platform, the benefits are significant, including:

    • Provides access to the Industry’s Largest Distribution Network on more than 4,500 websites, nearly 3,000 media outlets and more than 550 news content systems. The network also includes more than 36,000 PR Newswire for Journalist members at more than 9,000 media organizations who have specifically requested to see government-specific news.
    • Amplifies a story far beyond your Agency’s own website or platform; PR Newswire’s online syndication has a proven ability to generate up to 48% more media pickup than other providers, as well as ranking #1 with journalists and bloggers as the most trusted press release news source.
    • Enhances your Agency’s mission awareness through increased visibility and discoverability by posting to PRNewswire.com, which has 4X the page views and up to 80% higher search ranking than the nearest competitor.
    • Engages audiences with rich visual content that drives action through optimized multi-media content which can increase views by 1.4X with images and 2.8X with videos.
    • Enables sophisticated media reporting that provides actionable insights on visibility and audience engagement data based on each press release you distribute.

    Click here for pricing information regarding our PSS schedule and related SINs. Our commercial price list for 2016 can be found here.