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Strategic Communications and Outreach

At JRC, our approach to strategic communications planning is not one-size-fits-all. We build customized plans and tools to accomplish your unique objectives.

Defining and articulating your value proposition to stakeholders is key to every organization’s success: 

Stakeholder Analysis and Segmentation

Enables an organization to truly understand the value proposition for critical customers, suppliers, key influencers as they pertain to the mission, products or services offered by the entity.

Identifies and leverages the most effective channels for communicating key information based on the unique characteristics, usage patterns, and preferences of key stakeholders.

Facilitates the success of new organizational initiatives by leveraging proven methods for expediting the awareness, adoption, and acceptance time frame of the effected stakeholders.

Cultivates employee engagement, promotes trust, collaboration, and transparency, and sparks innovation across the organization.

Provides important information to key stakeholders that resonates uniquely with them and effectively advance your strategic goals such as increasing awareness of your products or services, expediting adoption rates, or improving stakeholder understanding.

"[JRC employees] have been a breath of fresh air to our career path efforts. It's an important endeavor for us with a great amount of visibility at the Agency level and [they] not only established a methodology that has been embraced at the highest levels of leadership, but also managed to rally support from key stakeholders across the Directorate who are often less enthusiastic about human capital related tasks. [They have] quickly become an invaluable member of our team and we are grateful to have [their] assistance."