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Option Years as Feedback

Jill Rogers

JRC recently received award of the first option year to our base contract for work that we do in support of the Senior Executive Management Office at DoD. In our business this means “we did good.”

Exercising of options is feedback from our clients – actually, the best kind of feedback. Not only does it say “we, the government, would like your continued support,” but it also says our clients trust us. They trust us to continue to deliver the outstanding products and services from the base year, they trust us with government funds to execute, and they trust us with their mission.

There are many elements that comprise a successful contract – the project team, including employees and subcontractors, technical execution of the work, flexibility and adaptability to changes or issues that arise. All of these elements are different from project to project and can change at any time. At JRC, the constant is our commitment to core values – focusing on excellent work products, providing outstanding client service, and creating strategic, lasting results.

Winning a contract that includes a base period plus option years is no longer a guarantee for multiple years of work, nor should it be. Government clients expect our full commitment to their requirements and demonstrated ability to execute them, year after year.

By exercising this option year, DoD told JRC that our commitment is appreciated, our work is valued, and the mutual trust will continue. In our business, this is the best kind of feedback there is.