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JRC to Provide DCIPS Support to AF A2

Jill Rogers

JRogers Consulting LLC (JRC) was recently awarded a multi-year contract to provide a broad range of support for the Defense Civilian Intelligence Personnel System (DCIPS) with the Air Force A2. DCIPS is the government civilian management system that spans the entire Defense Intelligence Enterprise. It is designed to build and sustain a workforce focused on the most critical management priorities needed to accomplish the mission, driving organization and mission success through accurate identification, prioritization, and alignment of individual competencies and organizational objectives. DCIPS provides a roadmap for the effective utilization of government civilians in order to provide full spectrum airpower to the warfighter.

“These strategic human capital requirements – with a particular emphasis on career development – are not only in our wheelhouse but supporting the DCIPS program is a throwback to the origins of JRC,” according to JRC President and CEO, Jill Rogers. “When JRC was incorporated in 2006, our first contract was part of the team leading the first DCIPS implementation in the Intelligence Community at the Defense Intelligence Agency. DCIPS Policy and JRC have certainly continued to evolve since then and we look forward to being part of this important effort.”