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JRC to Lead Premier DoD Leader Development Program

Jill Rogers

JRogers Consulting (JRC) was recently awarded a multi-year contract to design, develop and deliver the Defense Senior Leader Development Program (DSLDP), the premier civilian leader development program for the Department of Defense. DSLDP institutes a competency-based approach to the deliberate development of senior civilian leaders with an enterprise-wide perspective needed to lead organizations and programs, and achieve results in the Joint, interagency, and multi-national environments. Throughout two-year program, each cohort receives in-depth training in DoD leadership competencies, combined with the opportunity apply learned skills in the joint environment to the issues facing DoD leadership. DSLDP curriculum includes 17 days of face-to-face learning for participants across three distinct seminars. Program activities include traditional classroom learning, experiential activities, developmental assignments, executive coaching, and mentoring by senior level Advisors. These activities will be wrapped around a robust leadership development framework that will enhance leadership competencies and provide participants with a structure for strategic thinking.

“JRC eagerly looks forward to supporting this dynamic, impactful program. DSLDP provides high-performing DoD leaders with the critical skills and experiences to enhance their knowledge of national security and broaden their Joint, interagency and multi-national perspective. We are honored to be part of this important program,” said Jill Rogers, JRC President and CEO.

In addition to DSLDP, JRC leads new SES executive development with the DoD Advanced Professional Executives Program (APEX) on behalf of the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) and the Navy Civilian Leadership Development Program for Naval Information Forces (NAVIFOR) Command.