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Celebrating 13 Years of JRC

Jill Rogers

Wow, JRC is “Lucky 13!” Thirteen years of providing strategy-driven results. Thirteen years of working side-by-side with our clients on their toughest challenges, presenting alternatives, getting their buy-in and supporting impactful change. Yes, 13 years of this feels lucky. Lucky to be a part of this journey with our clients, colleagues and partners. The results that we have the privilege of providing are not necessarily about luck – but rather a result of the skilled consultants and practitioners that being expertise, experience and curiosity to help their clients address their biggest challenges. What we have collectively accomplished with our partners and teammates over the past 13 years is also not always about luck, but about the coming together of amazing people and organizations, applying their collective expertise and generating outstanding results.

As we celebrate the arrival of year 13 of JRC, there are many things to be proud of and grateful for such as the hard work, accomplishments and successes of our clients and the role we played. There is also something in the “Lucky 13” worth noting….that we, at JRC, are lucky to be part of this journey, lucky to continue to grow in this industry after 13 years, and lucky to be part of a thriving business full of talented, capable, dedicated consultants constantly looking for – and looking out for – our clients as they face each new challenge and make it an opportunity.